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Updated: 02/27/2020

Inbound Marketing is an effective strategy for drawing in new customers and attracting more attention to a business’s website. It can include a variety of pull marketing techniques, including Blogging, SEO, social media marketing and events, content marketing, and more. This form of marketing exists in contrast to outbound marketing, which involves actively seeking out new customers instead of making it easier for them to find information about companies and products themselves.

Four Steps to Successful Marketing
Inbound Marketing strategies can be broken into four steps: attract, convert, close, and delight. Following these steps allows helps to attract more visitors to a company’s site and helps to ensure that it’s easy to convert them into loyal customers. Customers already interested in a company’s products or services will also be able to find relevant information online more easily.

Generating Leads
It’s essential to attract not just random internet browsers, but those who will be most likely to actually follow up on the services. This can help companies to Generate more leads and offer a simple, straightforward means of opening up a conversation or allowing these browsers to take action and buy new products.

Customer Conversion
When it comes to attracting new browsers, websites’ Landing Pages play an extremely large role in determining success. However, once these browsers have had their interest piqued, there are a variety of other steps that must be taken to convert them into loyal customers. Make it easy to submit information, ask questions, or set up meetings and ensure that all customer or client data is well-organized so that no message goes unintentionally ignored.

Closing the Deal
Closing the deal and turning leads into customers can present a challenge, but it doesn’t have to. Lead nurturing and pipeline management can help to ensure that each and every potential customer receives the dedicated attention he or she needs to be happy about closing the deal.

Keep Customers Happy
Once casual browsers have been converted to loyal customers, a certain amount of work must go into keeping them happy. This may involve smart content management and on-going conversations regarding customer support and satisfaction. The best way to get started meeting this eventual end-goal is to begin working with a marketing specialist who can help today.

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