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Best in Website Design

Every business today needs an appealing, compelling online presence. At Local Impact, we design websites that attract attention, engage visitors, and convert leads into customers. The websites we develop produce business-building results and industry-leading returns on investment.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers in smaller cities regularly use business websites to “find and engage” with companies in their area. Larger cities also have an impressive number of consumers searching for business websites.

Each web design decision we make and every technology we use is tuned to generate more business for you. Choosing Local Impact means being sure that your website will do everything possible to help your company grow. Together, we can decide what you are looking for in a website and your business’s goals.

Build Your Presence Across the Web: Start With A Beautiful Website Design

Responsively designed websites adjust the flow of elements on a web page to fit the device’s size that the viewer is using. The content becomes fluid, so text, pictures, and videos will resize for easy navigation on any device. This guarantees your sites look great on any device and provides your customers with easy-to-find information and clear calls to action.

Our Proven Local Web Design Plan

WordPress Website Design at Local Impact

600+ Websites Since 2004

We are firm believers in the power of great web design to produce real results for businesses. Since opening our doors in 2004, we have made web design a core part of our mission to help companies grow and succeed. Every last one of our websites is designed to deliver business-enhancing improvements.

SEO-Informed Design

We are just as devoted to effective digital marketing as to excellence in web design. Our SEO specialists and other digital marketers regularly weigh in web design projects, making a real difference for our customers. From getting all the on-page details right to producing content that will naturally attract links, each website we launch has everything needed to rank highly with Google and other search engines. We can even include tools that largely automate SEO’s technical side and suggest areas that could use improvement.

SEO Friendly Website Design at Local Impact
E-commerce Website Design - Local Impact


Some of our customers want websites that will encourage visitors to pick up the phone or visit a brick-and-mortar place of business. We are just as experienced with developing sophisticated e-commerce sites, however, that enable transactions online. Being able to generate new local business along with e-commerce revenues often makes for a powerful combination. Whether that means integrating with established platforms like Shopify or crafting customized solutions and mobile apps, our e-commerce experts are always ready to help.

Conversion Optimized for Business

We have been studying how best to generate new business for over 15 years. We often equip the websites that we design with technologies that make the measurement of results simple. From seeing how particular landing pages perform to judging the effectiveness of calls-to-action, our websites generate valuable, business-relevant information.

Local Impact applies technologies and approaches like these to produce the kinds of results our clients seek and deserve. Our years of experience and commitment to keeping up with state-of-the-art designs ensures we can always leverage the most appropriate tools for any business.

Website Design iBuilt for Conversions - Local Impact

How To Get Your Business Website Started

Choosing Local Impact for your next web design project means gaining an ally committed to making a difference. Where other agencies might be content with delivering sites that are merely attractive, we strive to achieve a great deal more. Contact us now to learn how a new website can make an impact on your business.

Next Steps

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Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV



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