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Updated: 02/27/2020

Is Your Business’ Reputation Managed?

Reputation management is something every business should focus on. Nowadays, the business world is very much an online entity, so it’s crucial that you have excellent reputation management to gain control and ensure your company is seen in a positive light. However, it is also important to remember that just because you have a negative review, does not mean that your reputation is comprised.

Why Is A Positive Online Reputation So Important?

It will probably surprise you to see how much a positive online reputation can benefit your business. When your company is presented in a positive light, it has a direct impact on many different aspects of your business including:

Improving Customer Trust

Consumers are going to trust a company with a good reputation – it’s just a fact. If they search for your business online and find nothing but negative reviews and stories, then there’s no trust. You don’t seem like a business that will look after them and provide a service they rely on if previous customers did not enjoy their experiences.

On the other hand, if they find nothing but positive reviews that have been said about your company, then it makes you seem far more trustworthy. Other consumers are saying nice things about you, so you must be doing something good. As a result, this can help draw in more potential leads and customers – it’s as simple as that.

Increasing Online Sales

On the back of your improved trust, it instantly makes you a more attractive company for potential customers. Customers start to feel like they can trust you, so they’ll likely choose you over competitors. The result of this is that you naturally end up with increased sales figures. More people are drawn to your company because of your reputation, so the sales keep on rising.

Your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable brand will inspire loyalty in customers. So, you don’t just bring in new clients, but you also retain the ones you have. This boosts your sales even higher!

Gaining More Exposure on Search Engines

Did you know that your reputation can influence your reputation on search engines? It’s true, and it’s all down to the current Google algorithm. Google is aware that consumers like to do research before settling on their desired business. As such, they depend on reviews to see if a company has a positive reputation or not.
The Importance of Positive Online Reputation - Local Impact Blog

If your company has a positive reputation with lots of good online reviews, then your SEO improves dramatically. Google sees that you must be a trustworthy company that they can point online visitors towards, so you appear higher up the rankings. The knock-on effect of this is that more people start seeing your site when conducting relevant Google searches. This feeds into the point about increasing sales as you can end up with more clicks, which leads to more leads, which you can convert into more sales!

Improving Your Profits

There’s always the potential for you to improve profits through your positive online reputation. Think about it this way, if you establish yourself as a professional brand that people can trust, it suddenly creates demand for your products.

Your reputation makes people trust your business, so they’re more likely to pay extra for your products if you decide to increase your prices. You build this brand recognition where people start to associate your company with high-quality products/services. So, you can improve your profits by upping your prices a bit if you deem necessary.

How Can You Manage Your Online Reputation?

You can see why reputation management is essential, but how do you carry it out? Well, there are two essential things you can focus on:

Online Reviews

Reviews on platforms such as Google will basically make or break your reputation. If you can collect positive online reviews, this translates into a positive online reputation. People tend to choose a business that has mainly positive reviews. If someone does happen to leave a negative review, reach out to them and ask what you can do to help. By acting fast, you can address their issue, sort things out, and show people that this negative review isn’t something that regularly happens at your business.
The Importance of Positive Online Reputation - Local Impact Blog

It is good to note that you should be responding to positive reviews as well. Even if someone did leave a negative review, chances are online visitors will see that you respond to all reviews and determine that you were just having an “off” day, or that the negative review is not something to base the entire company on.

So, whenever you sell products to a customer or carry out a service, always ask them to leave a review. The more reviews you have, the more it impacts your reputation. 100 positive reviews are certainly more impressive than 5 positive reviews, but no matter how many reviews you might receive, remember to always leave a response.

Social Media

Social media is another critical tool for managing your reputation. It’s basically a way for consumers to leave unofficial reviews and comment on your company. If you’ve got a good social media presence on platforms such as Facebook where you interact with your followers and offer speedy responses to any concerns, then it reflects positively on your reputation. People see your feeds and are impressed with how well you handle things and how helpful you are.

Again, if people leave a negative comment on social media, you can reply to it and limit the damage it could cause. Online visitors tend to base their feelings about a business off of what other people say about the business, so by responding to either type of review, you show that you’re eager to make up for them and keep the customer happy.

Focusing on Reputation Management

It’s crucial that your business focuses on online reputation management. The simple task of asking and answering reviews can help your company grow, find more customers, inspire customer loyalty, gain exposure, and boost your revenue. There’s no limit to what you can do with a positive reputation. Even a negative review can be turned into a positive review if you offer something in return. Tell the customer how sorry you are that he/she had a negative experience and that you want to ensure that it is made right. Give details of who to call or email in order to sort things out.

You can manage your online reputation in different ways, but the two main focuses should be reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook. Reviews are a great visual representation of your reputation, so try and get as many positive ones as possible.
The Importance of Positive Online Reputation - Local Impact Blog

Combine these two things with an excellent website and impeccable customer service, and you’ll soon have the best reputation around.

The Importance of Positive Online Reputation - Local Impact Blog