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Google Adwords & Facebook Ads are the fastest way to generate leads and sales for your business.

Search Marketing Services from Local Impact

Your website is an ongoing sales representative and brand evangelist for your company. Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow your existing and prospective customers an opportunity to get to know the personality and values of your company. It will build trust and relationships.

Regardless of what most business owners and many agencies believe, Google and Facebook advertising can significantly increase your sales. It’s super useful in generating qualified customer leads and developing a relationship with your customers to increase the likelihood of becoming lifelong customers.

Google and Facebook Ads are Local Impact’s most highly recommended low-cost and targeted reach. We will start every new ad strategy by researching your current customer audience and social presence. If you’ve run Google and Facebook advertisements in the past, we’ll gather baseline data to better determine the best options for gaining a return on your business ad spend. Together, we will develop a plan to get maximum results for the lowest cost.

Get More New Customers With A Small Or Large Budget

Google and Facebook are the starting places for just about every consumer when looking to buy a product or service. This behavior is why Google Ads and Facebook Ads dominate the advertising landscape and why big companies are all moving their advertising budgets to these two platforms.

Our Proven Search Marketing Plan

Search Engine Marketing Service - Google Ads at Local Impact

Google Ads

Google is one of the most common places for customers to find and connect with local businesses. Therefore, it’s a great place to advertise, expand your market share, and gather cost-effective leads. As a paid advertising platform, Google Ads are based on the number of clicks your ads generate to determine the likelihood of obtaining qualified leads. That’s why we also offer complete AdWords management, which complements our solid organic local search engine optimization strategy.

Engage With More Customers on Facebook

If you are looking to increase your impressions, likes, shares, or fans, Facebook is your best option. Many business owners don’t understand that having 1,000 likes or fans doesn’t mean that 1,000 people will see your business’ Facebook feed and posts. The opposite is true: only about 0.2 percent of your followers will see your Facebook posts.

As a business, every time you update your company’s Facebook page, a tiny portion of your followers will actually see and read your post.

If you REALLY want to increase the number of followers who see and engage with your updates, you’ll want to invest in paid Facebook advertising from an search marketing agency that knows how to leverage it.

Search Marketing with Facebook Ads - Local Impact Digital Marketing Agency

More Than a Local SEO Agency

Our Google and Facebook advertising process follows the same digital marketing principles we use for all search marketing strategies. We are obsessed with analytics. It’s impossible to maximize the success of what you failed to measure and track. Better data means better results.

Next Steps

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Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV



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