Negative Facebook Reviews- How to Prevent Critics for Causing Damage

Updated: 02/27/2020

Social media remains an important tool for all businesses. It is a forum that allows companies to have direct contact with their clients, to advertise their services to an almost endless stream of potential customers and to relay information the public may find important. Of course, not everything about the social platform is beneficial. Negative Facebook reviews have the power to damage a business even when they are false. Here is how to handle unpleasant comments and ratings.

Research the Post
Fake reviews are very common. It may seem unusual to a busy entrepreneur that anyone would have the time to degrade a company that they have never used and know nothing about, but it happens. There are people in the world that seem to enjoy spreading unhappiness. Check the profile of the reviewer to determine if it is a real account and contact the individual directly to decide on the validity of their reaction. If the critique seems fake, contact Facebook customer service for removal.

Address the Matter
Respond to the criticism immediately. Poor reviews may be the reaction of a misunderstanding. Tactfully request more information, apologize for any mistake or problem and make an offer to rectify the situation. Do all of this publicly, so others can see that the company does not run away from unhappy customers and is willing to work with people for a more satisfying experience.

Disable the Option
Most modern shoppers admit that reviews help them to decide whether to use a service or purchase a product. Disabling reviews removes both the negative and positive comments. Shoppers may go elsewhere if they cannot see what average customer thinks of the company. The only time this is beneficial is when a negative experience requires the company to reestablish themselves or when a problem customer or group of people descend on the page and fill it with fake responses.
A better option than disabling is to make negative ratings less noticeable. Facebook prominently displays the reviews with the most activity. Make certain the ones shown are positive by responding to the reviewer. “Like” the comment, ask questions about their experience and post again to thank them for their business and their review. Keeping up with the comments left on social media is very important because a fast response can soothe an upset reviewer and it shows the company is connected and listening.

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