Local customers need to find your local business. If they don’t see you, your competition gets their business! Local SEO is vital to get your business found.

Local SEO Services

When your local customers use Google to search, do they see your company first or your competitors first? With hundreds of ranking factors determining placement in organic search results, numerous considerations can be made.

That’s where Local Impact comes in. We’ll work with you to better understand your company and your customers and use that information to improve your local search rankings.

Local SEO is a long-term investment. It must be continually managed to stay ahead of your competitors, keep up with algorithm changes, and maintain your place in local search results. Our local SEO methods are quality-focused. We put your company in front of your customers when they’re looking for your products and services. By optimizing your business listings and other essential pieces to enhance your business’ Local SEO, we can help you reach your customers where they are at in their sales journey.

Solving one of the BIGGEST problems today’s business people face: Being found!

When customers search for your business online, we help ensure the name, address, website, phone number, etc., are always correct. Local shoppers and customers are looking for YOU! We spy on your competition and your customers to learn exactly what they are searching for to find your product and service. We make sure you are visible and accessible.

Our Proven Local SEO Plan

Local SEO Content Strategies at Local Impact

Content Strategies

We often get asked why it is essential to have content marketing strategies in place. Our answer is always the same: we want to help you build an audience who is genuinely interested in your services. With great content, you’re offering your customers and potential customers the opportunity to take away great insight.

Think of content strategies as a way to outline your customer’s needs and how your business can fulfill such goals. We’ll work with you to tell your brand’s story by creating relevant, unique content that helps you generate leads and retain customers.

Local Search Engine Optimization

We work with clients throughout the U.S. to drive local traffic and increase conversions with local-focused strategies. How do we do that? We double down on your business listings by ensuring that information is utilized correctly and that potential customers can find your business across multiple search engines.

In order to rank highly in Local SEO, your business not only needs to optimize your Google My Business listing along with other listings, but your website also needs to have keywords that people are searching for and what you want to be found for regarding your products or services. You want to be conveniently found, so it’s our goal to ensure that your business is found at the time of a consumer’s search.

Local Search Engine Optimization at Local Impact
Local SEO Social Media Marketing at Local Impact

Social Media Marketing

Social media allows your business to show that there is a personality behind your brand. Using social media gives your business the credibility that many online consumers are looking for, along with the ability to answer questions and concerns from customers in real-time. Plus, your competitors are already on social media, so you definitely need to be, too!

We’ll partner with you to understand who your target audience is by identifying the demographics, geographic locations, and other factors that are important to your audience. Together, we will decide on the appropriate channels for your audience and develop a social media strategy for your company. Our goal is to help you create a community within your company profiles that support your brand and encourage their own friends and followers to check out your business.

E-Commerce SEO

Although we’re focused on local SEO, we know that e-commerce is equally vital. If you’re selling online, SEO is a crucial component of your marketing strategy. Again, if you are not being found online, you are not relevant to the e-commerce world. That’s where we step in.

We’ll use the keywords put throughout your website and local SEO into your product titles and descriptions. We’ll also ensure that your website is clearly formatted and easy to navigate, with each page optimized to its fullest potential.

Local E-commerce SEO at Local Impact

More Than a Local SEO Agency

At Local Impact, we love what we do, and we want our customers to love the customer service, accountability, and real-world experience we provide.

Local SEO is always changing, and it’s our philosophy to learn everything we can, be innovative, be open, and above all else, do great work.

We’re not just your local SEO company; we want to be a partner in your digital marketing efforts.

We Know Local

We are a digital marketing agency that works with companies of all types and sizes in any market or community across the U.S. Our team works with clients in a range of industries to find new opportunities, evaluate the competition, and find new revenue streams.

While we’re based in Putnam County, West Virginia (midway between Charleston & Huntington), we serve clients across North America. Just because you’re not within driving distance of our offices, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any face-to-face interaction. Our team will come to you for in-person strategy meetings whenever possible, and when it’s not, we’ll have a face-to-face through cloud video conferencing. At Local Impact, we’re an extension of your marketing team, and we take that role very seriously.

Providing the Best in Local SEO

When you’re ready to increase your company’s visibility to local customers, you’ll first meet our marketing team. After a preliminary site audit and introductory meeting, we’ll start building the right foundation for your business’ goals. Consultation is free, and we are just as interested as you are to know if Local Impact is the right fit for your business.

Next Steps

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Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV
Local Impact - The Best Website Design and Local SEO Marketing Company WV



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