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The Local Impact Story

Celebrating 15 Years

Over the course of the last fifteen years, Local Impact Group has grown, changed, and become what it is today. This May, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary and looking back over the history of the company.

The Force Awakens

In 1999, BG Hamrick, a true jack-of-all-trades, dabbled in many jobs before finding his true passion. At 18 years old, BG Started as a news and sports anchor at WXIT Radio. He later transitioned to the real estate business, an elementary school principal, and finally, a tile layer. But it was in June 1999 that BG made the leap that changed everything.

Local Impact - Sun Valley Marketing Web Design Company West Virginia

From a small bedroom in Marmet, West Virginia, BG created an online portal for a Christian community called iExalt.  This portal grew and was later sold to become what it is today – Crosswalk.com.  In May of 2004, BG’s focus changed direction by concentrating on website design. Before he knew it, a new company was born – BG Hamrick, LLC.

The name Sun Valley Marketing, affectionately named after the subdivision where he and his family lived, was chosen for the company. His first client, Century 21 Realty, was signed, and the business was off and running. Sun Valley Marketing didn’t offer nearly as many services as it does today. As a one-man operation, the company solely focused on building, hosting, and managing websites.

Return of the Jedi

Local Impact - BG Hamrick Group

For about five years, Sun Valley Marketing built websites for churches, non-profits, and small businesses throughout the state of West Virginia. In 2009, BG and his family moved out of the neighborhood that gave BG his first company name. This led to the first official name change for the company – BG Hamrick, LLC, which seemed like a natural fit.

As the name and the face of the company, BG introduced Internet marketing to small business owners all over West Virginia. Helping to answer their questions and guide them along the path of success, clients began to accumulate. As such, the workload became too much for one person.

BG began hiring a small freelance team of graphic and web designers. The team worked and communicated online in a virtual workspace. This allowed the company to grow and purchase two smaller website agencies, later acquiring more than 200 clients at one time!

The Local Impact Group - Digital Marketing Agency West Virginia

The Rise of the Skywalker

Big things started to happen for BG Hamrick, LLC, which meant another rename was on the horizon. By 2015, the Internet was well-known to just about everyone. However, there was still a large amount of mystery around reaching clients through the Internet. The newest mystery, social media. BG Hamrick, LLC was quickly transitioning from a website development company to a full-service digital marketing group.

As the agency started to add more services, the direction of the company shifted. Businesses no longer needed to “Discover the Power of the Internet,” but instead, to learn how to be a powerful presence in their community. Local Impact Group summed up everything BG Hamrick, LLC could do for its clients.

The Local Impact Group - Digital Marketing Agency West Virginia
Local Impact Digital Marketing Group
Local Impact Digital Marketing Group

A New Hope

Local Impact Group quickly began picking up speed. More and more local businesses were seeking out the opportunity to reach their community. Social media was sweeping the country and showing no signs of slowing down. BG was on a mission to help local businesses keep up in an age where the web, was king. More and more clients came from outside of WV until the bulk of the business came from clients all across the U.S.

By 2018, two young guns joined the team. Who better to help businesses learn the ins and outs of the social media age than the generation raised on it? Skyler Barnhart joined the team as the new Project Manager, and, later in the year, Ashley Willard joined as the Director of Marketing. In 2019, the company continues to grow. Whitney Hamrick joined the team, and Local Impact Group was finally becoming what BG had always imagined it could be.

 Local Impact Digital Marketing Agency West Virginia

May 2019 marks 15 years in the making, and we think it’s time for another rebranding! If you haven’t visited our social media pages in a while (or ever), now’s the perfect time! We’re launching our new campaign, and we don’t want you to miss it.

Local Impact Group is now simply known as Local Impact. We can be found on all social platforms under @LocalImpactAgency. We think the company is better than it’s ever been and we are continually getting better all the time. We’re so happy you’re joining us!

The Local Impact Group - Digital Marketing Agency West Virginia

The Future is Looking Bright.