Are you a six-figure Landscaping, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, or Contractor in search of a marketing partner that will guide you to real growth year over year?

If you answered no, you are not the right fit for us.

Between staffing, operations, and business development, how much extra time do you have to spend on your marketing and overall growth? We understand your struggles. We get it.


When you choose Local Impact as your partner, you can take the planning, strategizing, execution, and analysis of critical growth aspects off your shoulders and put it onto ours. Your customer acquisition, upselling, and attracting new recruits to your team will finally be handled the right way. 


You’ll just need to give us a few minutes each month to ensure everything is on track. Because we only work with companies like yours, you’ll also receive our feedback and insights to make sure you’re absorbing the growth properly.


If you’re taking your contracting/home services company to the next level, then read on

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This is our visual we call the “Digital Dominance Method”™. It outlines our roadmap to help you fully maximize your lead flow as you grow your business.

Positioning Your Company

Your marketing will guide customers through their buying journey. During each stage, you’ll be positioned as the expert that helps them complete the journey while solving both the external and internal obstacles they face.

Your brand, website, content, social media, remarketing, email marketing, and more, are designed to address customer obstacles and deliver guidance at critical points. Customers see content, call-to-actions, and cultural insights tailored to their interactions, activity, and stage. 

Delivering Results & Setting Expectations

Customers will find you on search engines and other platforms based on search terms, demographics, current interests, buying habits, website browsing history, and more. You’ll start hearing from new customers within a few weeks and that will continuously intensify as you dominate your local area.

Growth is more than just bringing new customers to your business. Your marketing program can address these critical growth categories:

  • Attracting & Nurturing the Right Leads
  • Natural Pre-Qualification
  • Upselling & Maximizing Customer LTV
  • Authority Building
  • Reputation Management
  • Marketing for Jobs & Recruiting
  • Cultural Positioning
  • Community Involvement

Your marketing program will be all-inclusive with services that address the most important aspects for growth.

Real-Life Results:


The Client: This is a landscape design company specializing in residential backyard design-build projects.

Niche: Design-Build Landscaping

The Solution: We worked on revising the internal linking strategy on the site to push forward rankings for their main
pages. We also added technical aspects, like advanced Schema Markup, to capture more real estate on the SERPs
and attract high-quality traffic that will convert.

The Results: Our efforts greatly impacted the organic traffic (year over year) and helped contribute to new and better
keyword rankings. The client doubled their leads in the first six months and increased revenue by $160k.