What is it?

Extreme Market Domination (EMD) is the game-changer that your business has been craving. It doesn’t just level the playing field; it enables your business to STOMP your competition by working in any niche.

As a massively powerful tool, EMD can work in both local and regional markets. When put into place, you can be a nationwide business that still targets local markets. Law firms who have national offices already have this practice down. However, you do NOT have to be a local business for EMD to work for you.

The types of businesses that EMD can help is almost endless; attorneys, doctors, contractors, electricians, gutter cleaners, HVAC technicians, realtors, roofers, plumbers – virtually any service or industry niche.

The one thing that makes EMD more compelling is that you can see results within DAYS. I’m talking top rankings on Google.

How Does It Work?

You provide us with five to seven primary keywords. I’ll use the term ‘accident attorney’ as an example. Along with that keyword, you’d give us the URL of a page on your site that deals with accident attorneys.

We would then research and find every relevant keyword that relates to ‘accident attorney.’ By doing so, we focus on your geographic market, if appropriate, and other non-geo based related keywords.

The package size that you order will determine how many keywords we provide, but the base package starts at 1,000 keywords. If you gave us five primary (seed) keywords, each of those terms would likely generate approximately 250 related keywords.

We will then get you ranked for those terms.

You’ll often start to see a lot of page one and top rankings on Google within five days. We’ll do so by being 100% compliant with Google’s terms of service.

We will always use 100% original, relevant content, so you’ll never have to worry about duplicated content.

How do we do it?

I’m not able to give away secrets of our proprietary technology, but I will say that it has been in development for two years! We’ve tested EMD backward, sideways, and every which way and it has survived the Google algorithm change without any issues. The handful of customers who have tested this tool keep adding more and more keywords because they are killing it on Google.

How to get started?

It’s simple! This entire process only requires you to provide five to seven seed keywords and a website page related to those terms. Additionally, we must have access to the website server and be able to access the related page.

We can test and make sure that you are compliant and set up correctly before you ever place an order. EMD works on WordPress, most CMS websites, and standard PHP coded sites. In other words, it will probably work on your site.

The only factor that may limit your ability to utilize EMD is if your site is brand new. Your site should be at least six months old for EMD to work.

Will it work on a new site? Yes, but the effectiveness is limited for some time as your site needs built-in authority to make EMD work to its max.


We do not not accept orders for any business in the adult, gambling/casino, or tobacco niches.

EMD is a recurring subscription platform. To be blunt, it works as long as you stay in the program. Now, we understand that fact may turn some people away, but keep the following in mind:

  1. You are paying for the content that we refresh every 15-30 days. Yep, every 15-30 days, we update some of the content on all website pages, which means a minimum of 1,000 keywords each month.

  2. You are paying for the infrastructure that makes this all work.

  3. Your competition will at some point hear about this and likely be very interested.

What does it cost?

We are offering EMD at an introductory price of $997 per month. For most businesses niches that can benefit from EMD, this cost is less than two new customers per month, of which you’ll likely acquire many.

IMPORTANT: During the first two months, we are limiting this offer to 50 customers, so it’s 100% first-come, first served.

Remember, NOTHING will be hosted on your site. No changes are required to your site at all.

We strongly recommend that before you place an EMD order, you allow our technicians to test your server for compliance so we can successfully execute your campaign.

What Happens If I Cancel EMD?

The answer is pretty simple – the rankings you have will go away over time. Not instantly, but generally within 60-90 days, most of the rankings promoted in EMD will disappear. Nothing on your website is ever affected by anything that we do.

And we won’t cut you off immediately; we will initially redirect all mapped pages. That way, any traffic that you get from remaining rankings will not go to 404 pages. After 90 days, we will remove all mapping to your site.

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