What are the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses?

When operating a business today, it makes sense that you might want to utilize every marketing
opportunity you can. No business today can really ignore the power of digital marketing, and within that
social media marketing. By giving you a direct route to speak to your intended audience, social media
marketing opens doors that were previously closed to you. That is why social media marketing for
small businesses is such a vital service to consider.

Sure, you could run your own social media enterprise – but is that really a wise idea?
Given the complexity of social media, and the time it can take to build a cohesive profile, hiring an expert
makes sense. Social media for small business owners in West Virginia should be handled by a
professional. However, many questions likely remain before you commit to such a decision.

For example, do you personally need to use social media? This is a common debating point. Many
assume that social media marketing is not cost-effective because they personally do not use social
media. However, this attitude could be harming your business in the long term.


Do I Need To Use Social Media For My Business To Benefit From Social Media Marketing?

If you do not use social media yourself, then you are a surprisingly rare breed. More and more people
today are active on social media. From a commercial perspective, social media is used for everything
from interacting with customers and clients to getting customer support.

However, many business owners in West Virginia discount the use of social media for one reason: they
do not use it personally. While you might see social media as something you can do without, others will
disagree. Social media is hugely popular within West Virginia across all demographics. With that in mind,
you should not look to discount benefitting from this service.

Not sure if you want to run a social media account? That is not a problem. You do not have to. Instead,
you can hire trusted professionals to manage your social media content for small business marketing.
You do not even have to log in – you simply need to see the results taking place.

For just about any business owner, then, it does not matter if you use social media personally or not. Vast
swathes of your audience do!

Before you do anything else, then, it pays to understand what social media marketing involves. What do
these services involve? And how can they benefit your business?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

So, social media accounts for major platforms that allows people to interact with other people and
businesses. In the same token, then, social media marketing is using those platforms to make your
business more visible. When used properly, social media and small business go hand-in-hand with one

Small business social media marketing can include, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring your business is visible to those searching social media for your firm
  • Locating new customers in your catchment area looking for support on social media
  • Creating informative and value-driven content that can be shared across social media
  • Delivering regular content updates and support to boost interaction with your customers
  • Strengthening brand awareness, making sure you are more visible across West Virginia
  • Targeting your clients and your target audience through the platforms they use most
  • Make sure that you are speaking to your client and customer base in West Virginia

This range of services can be essential to making sure you can overcome the fact you might not use
social media yourself. With so many potential customers looking for a local business with a personal
touch, you can find them on social media. And a marketer can help you to introduce yourself, interact with
your audience, and ensure you have a better chance of converting those visitors into clients.

As a small business, you will lack the resources of a larger competitor. This means that you need to offer
your consumers something else. In the case of many business owners, this can include – but is not
limited to – a personal touch. Small companies can focus on being more personable and bespoke with
orders, which clients tend to love. With that in mind, you can find that social media is a very useful tool for

By marketing your business across social media, you make sure that you are visible. You encourage
people to contact your business because you are available. You can offer an easy way to provide
promotions, feedback, and insight into upcoming offers, deals, and products/services. Since your
audience on social media is an actual person as opposed to just a rough demographic profile, you are
talking to direct leads. Can you see why creating a strong marketing approach on such a platform is
something to consider?

Let us take a quick look, though, at why your small business should be investing in social media
marketing. Why is it such a vital part of a modern business?

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important For Small Businesses?

Really, the importance of social media for small business owners cannot be overstated.

If you run a business in West Virginia, you need to use every available technique to get visible. You
cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to making sure your business can grow. Really, you
need to be willing to get creative and intelligent with how you market your business. This means focusing
on being more personal, more human, and more unique.

Instead of simply being another faceless West Virginia business, social media allows you to be a brand. Not only a service provider or a seller of products; you offer solutions to a specific problem. For specific people. Your business stops being generic and built for anyone who comes across it. Instead, your business becomes a visible and viable provider of solutions within West Virginia.

Social media marketing is among the most important investments that you can make as a business owner. It offers you the chance to:

  • Make a positive first impression
  • Develop a clear business identity
  • Speak to your target audience clearly
  • Offer solutions with expert authority
  • Market your various kinds of content
  • Raise appreciation for the expertise you have
  • Improve customer interactions over time

Not sure if you have the nous to create social media content for small business purposes? You do not have to. You can hire an expert to handle this vital aspect of your business.

Why should you, though? What are the main benefits of hiring such an expert? How can you find that your business benefits from social media marketing?

What Are The Main Benefits Of Social Media For Your Business?

As a business owner, it makes sense to understand the benefits of using social media for small business. What are the main benefits that will come from making an investment in this kind of service?

How can using social media marketing for small businesses take your ambitions further?

Make a strong first impression

If you go to look into a business yourself, you will look for a visible online presence and a strong online reputation. Well, social media helps you to make sure that you can focus on delivering both. Modern social media platforms allow for improved visibility and making sure that you can give customers the information they want and need.

This makes it easier to overcome the challenge of making a first impression that really works. That strong first impression can help you to be seen as a local market leader and expert.

Spread your authority

One of the main reasons to invest in social media for small businesses is the authority factor. When someone searches you out online, and they see you have social media profiles, they will naturally be intrigued. A business without a strong online presence, though, can be treated as suspicious. Therefore, you are much more likely to land a client if you have a social media presence.

This makes your business appear more visible, and also ensures that you have one simple place to share key information. Now, you can answer client queries before they are even asked!

By improving your authority, you increase the rate of people who will trust your business and get in touch. The accessibility of social media, though, will help you to reply quicker and easier.

Improve follow-up interaction

A significant part of small business marketing revolves around making sure your interactions are positive. A follow-up interaction can include getting someone to sign-up to a newsletter, to complete their shopping cart purchase, and much more.

With social media, you make it easier to follow-up with people who have already used your service(s) in the past. That can be essential to making sure you can interact with customers from the past. Visible social media marketing reminds them of your expertise, encouraging repeat business and word-of-mouth reputational gains. Now, you can also make sure that customer service queries are handled quickly.

Answer queries and questions

A massive part of business ownership today revolves around customer service. If you can quickly and easily answer a query, you can keep a customer happy. You could even turn an interested buyer into a genuine customer. For that reason, many people choose to use social media to their advantage.

You can quickly answer queries, follow-up on order details, and handle disputes. Consumers love having fast access to customer support, which social media can double-up as. Quicker response times makes it easier to get in ahead of the competition and ensure that clients feel valued, listened to, and cared for.

Rapid response and support


Following on from the above, you can also use social media to deliver a much faster level of customer support. Should something go wrong, customers could either phone up or leave a message via email. In the case of an email, this can mean 24-48h passing before you can even get a first response. This is not quick enough and could see a frustrated enquirer move on to a rival.

With social media, though, you should have someone present at all times who can quickly and easily respond.

Social media is not just going to benefit you from a support and interaction perspective, though. It can make providing access to your latest promotions so much simpler.

Share and spread promotions

Social media also makes a tremendous place for sharing out and showing off promotional content. Someone visiting your social media page should be able to quickly spot deals. This can make it easier for you to both get old buyers to return and to encourage new buyers to take a chance on the products/services you offer.

You can even offer social media bespoke promotions that can make it easier for people to feel encouraged to keep following. This improves profitability and shares value with your customers. Thanks to these promotions, you can make sure that your main point of focus – most likely your website – receives more hits.

Bring in more website traffic

Of course, an important benefit of this service is that you can bring in more traffic to your website. Your business is likely to thrive if you can convince more people to visit your website. However, any old traffic will not do; it has to be traffic within your geographic area and within your general line of interest. For that reason, social media is very useful!

We only find on social media what we wish to investigate; someone finding your businesses social media accounts, then, was already looking for what you have to offer. With more traffic to your website, you can shine a light on your knowledge and understanding of the industry that you operate within.

Highlight your industry expertise

Another great benefit of using social media for small business marketing is the authority angle. You can provide easy to follow links to interviews, podcasts, articles, white papers, infographics, and more. Now, you can easily share exciting information created by your business that can really inspire your target audience. Most customers want to learn about the industry before they buy; you can now give them all of the information searched for.

This has the natural benefit of showcasing expertise from one simple, easy-to-find location on the web. That expertise will naturally drive people to your business – not only clients, but potential suppliers and partners, too.

Expand and form partnerships

A big boon of having a strong social media presence, too, stems from other business opportunities. You could find it easier to run co-operative campaigns with suppliers and businesses that you complement. You could find that this makes it easier to run campaigns, competitions, promotions, and much more.

Since social media is so interactive, other business owners will be all-too happy to join up with you. This can make it easier to create agreements and partnerships that benefits you and the other businesses involved. Over time, this can lead to greater cross-promotions that further increases your visibility and authority. This also makes it easier to take your business to the next level, either regionally, statewide, or beyond.

Easy to scale in the future

Lastly, social media marketing for small businesses is an essential service as it can be scaled up. As you see more people join on your account and follow, you can make your advertisements more ambitious. If you are happy with a more small-scale approach, though, you can stay there. Unlike other social media marketing styles, social media does not require you to always keep adding.

You can find a level of response and interaction that suits your business and stay there for the long-term.

As you can see, then, there are many benefits to making social media part of your regular marketing strategy. Of course, even knowing this, you might find the idea of building a social media campaign daunting. Luckily, you do not need to manage this yourself; you can hire expert local help!

Where are the best places to look if you wish to bring in support when running your social media?


Where Can I Find A Social Media Marketing Agency Near Me In West Virginia?

Of course, if you wish to make the most of social media for small business purposes, you likely need help. Social media is a time-consuming process and requires both an understanding of analytics and marketing methodology. This can require huge time invested into research, education, and wider learning. If you worry that this might not be something you can commit to, you should speak to our team at Local Impact.

We offer a professional marketing service built around capturing what makes your West Virginia business so special. From the aforementioned social media marketing for small businesses to lead generation, reputation management, and more, we have numerous services that you can rely upon and trust.

Want to benefit from integrating social media into your marketing approach? Contact our team at Local Impact for more insight.