We are a results-driven agency that will never be satisfied with aesthetically beautiful websites, cute social media posts, or cleverly written text that produce zero results for our clients. Results – we define as leads, conversions, and sales.

West Virginia Digital Marketing Agency

At Local Impact, we specialize in helping lawn care and landscaping businesses succeed in the digital space. Our focus is on creating industry-specific marketing strategies that attract and convert local customers to help your business grow.


We believe that every business, no matter their size, should have the opportunity to compete in the marketplace. With over 19 years of experience in digital marketing, our team consists of dedicated Marketing Strategists, a Marketing Director, a Project & Media Manager, a Social Media Director & Graphic Designer, a Website Developer & Technology Manager, and a Search Engine Optimization Specialist who work together to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives.


Our primary focus is to generate exposure for your business through lead generation, lead conversion, and reputation management. By creating customized campaigns that are tailored to your business’s unique needs, we can help you gain more visibility, generate leads, convert leads into sales, and maintain positive relationships with your clients online.


We understand the lawn care and landscaping industry, and we know what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive market. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our proven digital marketing strategies.

More Than a Local SEO Agency

Our passion for digital marketing drives us to go beyond the expectations of a typical local SEO agency. Our top priority is to provide outstanding customer service, accountability, and practical experience that our clients will love.


We understand that the world of local SEO is always evolving, but our philosophy is to stay ahead of the curve by being receptive to new ideas, adapting to changes, and consistently producing top-quality work. At Local Impact, we’re not just an agency that provides local SEO services. We’re your partner in your digital marketing journey. Our goal is to work closely with you to help you achieve your business objectives and succeed in the online space.

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Marketing Assistant
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Web Development & Support
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Social Media Manager
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Director of Business Development
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Founder & CEO

Limited Offer Available

Every month, we offer a limited number of free 30-minute consultations. This offer is a $1,000 value where you will walk away with ideas to improve your marketing, regardless if we ever do business together.