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A Brief History of Local Impact

A Brief History of Local Impact Digital Marketing Agency

Our Founder and CEO, BG Hamrick, is giving us a quick history lesson about Local Impact Digital Marketing Agency. It’s been a long road from 2004 to today, but we are excited about our future at Local Impact.

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Back in 2004, our company began as more of an IT company back then I was doing things like computer repair, computer updates, software updates, some minor networking activity connecting computers in a small office or something of that nature. It was something like a modern day Geek Squad might do. But I didn’t like that very well and didn’t enjoy that, that kind of work.

So what happened was somewhere around 2005, about midway through that year, I reached out to a couple of people who were friends of mine, I reached out to\ a real estate broker, I reached out to a doctor. And I reached out to an attorney, who were all friends of mine. And I said, I’m thinking about starting a new phase of my company thinking about building websites and making websites for for businesses.

And I said, if I create a website for for you, because you need one, and you like it, would you just tell other people about it, I’ll do it for free, I’ll host it for free.

I just want to get some experience, and I don’t have any building websites. And I would like to know, if you would just help me out by by sharing what I did. So all three agreed. So I built some websites that, you know, probably by today’s standards, if I looked at them, I’d be embarrassed. But at that, at that point, they were they were pretty good. They worked. The the friends of mine, they, they liked them. So they told people about it.

And that’s how it all began, they started to share with somebody I picked up the phone called them and, and the rest is history, we grew from just three websites from local friends of mine to doing some minor Search Engine Optimization back then was was a little bit different. There was, you know, some social media and some activities that were happening there.

But we weren’t getting into into much of that. What happened was in those first eight or 10 years of doing that, it was just me and one or two, maybe one full time and another part time employee in the company. And they were both overseas.

And so their day started at night on the east coast here in the US, you know, when I was winding down, they were just getting ready to start their day. So my day kind of looked like you know, spend all day out and about in the community, and I’d be selling websites and be calling people on the phone and growing the business and making sales and then at night, about 9pm Eastern, I would get on line and start to work with my Philippine workers who were overseas and they were just starting their day.

And we would fulfill everything or create everything that I had sold that day, or fix problems that we that we had. So I did that for probably a decade, it’s probably just me one, two, maybe at the most three employees at one time. And so that’s how we kind of hustled and grew to, you know, where we were, you know, as a, as a small business with an income that really just supported me and my family. It wasn’t, there wasn’t a lot to, you know, to manage at that point.

We had some expenses, but they weren’t, you know, heavy expenses, they were just taking care of me and my family and given me an income.

I was doing some other things too. So it wasn’t the only income I had, but it was growing. And it was it was exciting. And it was it was fun to watch. And then I started to understand what marketing was a little bit, I began to understand that building a website wasn’t enough, we needed to help people get their website found. So I started studying a little bit about search engine optimization and keywords and begin to learn how to do some of that work and began to slowly add on one or two or three people at a time.

Until now 18 years later, we have become a full fledged digital marketing agency. We have departments and we have multiple employees that, you know, we need four different things that we do from social media to search engine optimization. We do writing and content creation, website development, email marketing, lots of things are happening now. And of course the internet has just accelerated and digital marketing has accelerated in the last decade.

We live in it every day. And I say we still have a hard time keeping up with what’s changing and what’s working and what’s trending.

But we’re very proud of the work that we do. We’re always seeking and searching for ways to become a better agency to fulfill our promises to a greater degree and begin to create more valuable services for our clients every single day. I’m super proud of our team that we have. I’m very excited about the future that we have. Back then when we started the business in the very beginning. I named it out For myself, so it was just BG Hamrick. But in 2022, we dissolve that and we became the Hamrick Agency.

And of course, one of our DBAs is local impact agency. And so that’s who we are. That’s what we do. That’s where we came from. It’s been a row that’s been fun and challenging and sometimes stressful. But it’s been a wonderful, wonderful journey. We don’t plan to go anywhere.

We’re now serving multiple multiple people and customers and businesses all over the country. I don’t have a number it will be different number anyway, by the time someone who watches this video, but we have many, many clients and many different industries, and we love what we do. And we hope that we leave a mark for businesses and help them to grow in their local communities, and achieve all the goals and dreams that they have as well.